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Long-term collaboration

Our principal developers have over 10 years of experience working together. Along the way we have helped our customers bring many products to market and have mastered a wide variety of operating systems, programming tools, languages, methodologies, APIs, etc. some of which are listed below:

Primary areas of expertise

This list includes those processes and technologies that we have used on a daily basis for many projects. These are the areas in which we have our greatest depth and fluency.

Other areas of significant experience

This list includes those processes and technologies with which we have significant "hands-on" experience--having done work in each of these areas for one or more projects.

Ongoing R&D

In addition to the items above, we are continually engaged in research and internal R&D projects to gain the expertise necessary to satisfy future needs of our customers. We also are accustomed to coming up to speed quickly with new technologies as needed for specific projects.