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We believe that one of the most important ingredients in successful software development is teamwork. We do not staff customer projects with ad-hoc collections of "resources", but rather with a seasoned software development team. What does this mean? It means team members knowing each other's particular strengths and dividing the tasks most efficiently. It means bouncing ideas back and forth in search of the most efficient and elegant solutions.

Customer collaboration

On many of our projects, we work in close collaboration with our customers’ in-house development staff. We can help you divide development and project management responsibilities to make the most efficient use of both in-house and outside developers.

Use of components

Corvus knows that the most efficient way to develop high-quality applications is to avoid re-inventing the wheel (not to mention the hub, the brake, and the axle). We begin by using industry standard tools and application frameworks. Next, wherever possible, we make use of pre-developed (and pre-tested) software components. We do this in two different ways. First, we are experienced in finding, evaluating, and integrating 3rd party components (including open-source where appropriate). Second, Corvus also has a growing suite of internally-developed components that we are able to adapt and integrate into customer projects, which yields substantial savings in time and development dollars.

Application design expertise

Although we are more than happy to work from complete, detailed specifications, our customers often take advantage of our experience and expertise in application design—working in collaboration with the customer, we transform rough ideas (and budgetary limits) into elegant, intuitive applications.

Disciplined off-site development

We have extensive experience with offsite and remote development. In fact, offsite development has proven to be a major advantage for both Corvus and our customers because it has lead us to focus on creating a a disciplined, schedule driven development process. With remote networking, remote source-code control, and comprehensive project management, we take the uncertainty out of offsite development.

Long-term customer relationships

Our typical customer relationships are long-term, involving multiple projects and multiple releases of those products. When you hire Corvus, you can depend upon us to be there to carry your products forward into the future.

Flexible partnerships

We are entrepreneurs just like many of our customers. In addition to traditional hourly and fixed-price contracts, Corvus is interested in considering equity and royalty development arrangements as well.