Corvus DevelopmentCorvus Development


Corvus Development offers a complete suite of software development services, including software architecture & user-interface design and project scheduling & managment in addition to traditional programming services.

Corvus provides contract software development services under traditional fixed-cost, milestone, and hourly billing arrangements. We are also willing to consider equity and royalty-based compensation arrangements for appropriate projects.

Corvus has both the experience to tackle large projects and the efficiency to handle small ones. Past projects have varied in scope from one or two man-weeks to one or two man-years.

Corvus focuses on offsite development, which reduces customer costs by enhancing the efficiency and teamwork of the Corvus engineers. While Corvus staff travel to and work on site when appropriate and necessary, we are not a contract-employment agency or "body shop".

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Corvus Development services both customers in the local Southeast Michigan area and remote customers (collarborating via use of appropriate communications and networking technologies).