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Remote Medical Image Transfer

This project is a companion module to a medical imaging product developed for the same customer . Its purpose is to support the transmission of medical image files over standard phone lines or over a TCP/IP network connection. It maintains a list of sessions that have been received, notifies the user when sessions arrive, and, optionally, invokes the main imaging application (via a COM Interface) so that the user may view the new session(s).

As before, the requirement was that this application be a functional equivalent of its Macintosh counterpart. However, because of significant differences between the communications, networking, and IPC facilities available on the Macintosh and Windows platforms, it was not feasible to implement the Windows version using large quantities of cross-platform code. Instead, Corvus developed the application from scratch using native Windows facilities (TAPI, WinSock, COM, etc).

Because of its more indirect relationship with its Macintosh counterpart, this application was independently developed by Corvus under a fixed-cost contract to a specification derived from the behavior of the Macintosh product.